Monday, December 22, 2014
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The Learning Experience The 12 Metre Yacht Development Foundation offers young and old the opportunity to experience the thrill of America’s Cup 12m  sailing and match racing. Interested members of the public should contact the foundation.
12 Metre Foundation Sail on the yachts that made America’s Cup history and help maintain their proud legacy.    
Experience the thrill of America's Cup Match Racing Take an active part in supporting Long Island Sound’s historical connection to the America’s Cup
Head to Head Competition America II US 42 was selected by Hollywood Producer Francis Ford Coppola to star in the 1992 TriStar movie Wind. The movie recounts how the USA and [Ciff Robertson] playing Helmsman Dennis Connor as defender in the 1983  America’s Cup which lost to the Australians –ending the longest continuous win streak in sports [1851]  -  and the  USA’s  subsequent challenge four years later to win back the “1987 America’s Cup” in Perth Australia, with  a Hollywood style finish!


l2mYDF’s Charitable Mission:

Acquire, restore, and preserve historic
America’s Cup l2m yachts and their racing heritage

April, 20l4

In 2006, we created the 12m Yacht Development Foundation “l2mYDF” – whose Charitable Mission is to “acquire, restore, and preserve historic America’s Cup Class l2m yachts and their match racing heritage.” I am pleased to report that your continued contributions and support have made it possible for us to remain true to our charitable cause with determined vigor and success.

12mYDF was specifically based-on the western end of Long Island Sound - so that we could begin to return these historic 12m yachts to the region which has had such a significant historical link to the America’s Cup. Our Foundation began its acquisition of America’s Cup yachts with America II / US42, whose syndicate campaigned in the 1987 America’s Cup in Perth, Australia and then acquired Lionheart /K18, which challenged for Great Britain in the 1980 America’s Cup in Newport, RI. With your help, we will actively continue our acquisition of other historic America’s Cup Class yachts.

Both of our magnificent 12m yachts are berthed in Greenwich Harbor at our docks on Steamboat Road in Greenwich, Connecticut. Over the last 6 years we have used these historic yachts in the following activities to name a few:

  • Raised over $1.65m in enabled charitable giving for such major charities as the late Paul Newman’s “Hole in the Wall Gang Foundation” and became one of Fairfield County’s largest charitable donors.
  • Conducted JSA Junior Sailing Match Race Programs at major yacht clubs including Seawanhaka-Corinthian, American, Pequot, Norwalk, and Noroton to name a few.
  • Delivered “hands on” team building and training sessions for major patron corporations such as: GenRe/Berkshire Hathaway, M&M Mars, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, and Deutsche Bank.

As a 501c3 Public Foundation sustaining our annual growth and development while maintaining these historic yachts could only have been made possible through generous contributions and support from our many enthuastiac sailors, benefactors and partner charities. The goal of our 6th Annual Appeal is to raise $250,000 to help:

  • Broaden and deepen our “free and on request” sailing activities, including junior sailing and match race clinics among the yacht clubs of Long Island Sound, other sailing opportunities for enthusiasts and from executive training and leadership programs of schools, colleges and major corporations.
  • Execute necessary repairs and restoration of our America’s Cup class 12m yachts including engine, hydraulic systems, instrument replacement, hull paint and bottom work, as well as sail and rigging work.

In addition, our long terms goals include:

  • New Acquisitions, Restoration & Preservation of historic America’s Cup Class l2m’s Yachts
  • Building an Annual Endowment through new major benefactors and donors.
  • Expand our “free and on request” America’s Cup Class “Match Racing” opportunities throughout the season for youth, community and corporate organizations
  • Create and participate in Annual America’s Cup Class l2m events for all to enjoy.


Your participation and generous support for l2mYDF’s 6th Annual Appeal will make a significant difference in allowing us to meet the goals of our charitable mission.

Patrick Sikorski
Executive Director / Trustee
l2m Yacht Development Foundation
10 Homewood Lane, Darien, Connecticut 06820 USA
T: 203-656-1182 C: 203-918-527l E: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

"ENVIRONMENTAL STATEMENT: The Foundation is committed to teaching and maintaining the highest standard of environmental stewardship in Long Island Sound, and is a "zero discharge" operation."



22 April 2014

Dear ITMA Members, Associates & Subscribers,

Happy Spring! As the 2014 sailing the season gets underway, I’d like to call your attention to three items of importance to all ITMA members and associates:

First, this communication is to officially notify you that the 2014 International Twelve Metre Association Annual General Meeting will take place on Wednesday, July 16, 2014 in Barcelona, Spain. The exact time and location will be announced in due course.

As some of you may know, in late February South Europe Fleet Vice President, Luigi Lang and North Europe Fleet President, Patrick Howaldt traveled to Newport, RI to meet with Americas Fleet Vice President, Herbert Marshall; ITMA Treasurer, Dr. Robin Wallace, ITMA Secretary, SallyAnne Santos and myself. Over the course of two full days we reviewed and discussed many issues of importance to our Class.

In addition to meeting among ourselves, we also met with Americas Fleet members at their annual Winter meeting and with officers of the newly re-established 12 Metre Yacht Club, Newport Station. Attached you will find a summary of the topics discussed at all of these meetings.

As the racing season begins, we remind you that ITMA Annual Memberships run from January 1 – December 31. If you have not yet renewed your ITMA Membership for 2014, please use the attached Membership and Dues Forms to do so.

Thank you for your interest and participation in the International Twelve Metre Association, we look forward to seeing you on the racecourse this summer.


Wm. H. Dyer Jones

ITMA President


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